Full Spectrum Tubes (T8)
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Full Spectrum Tubes (T8), Natural Daylight Rendering

The most vital element that influences our psyche and health - and which is at the same time the least conscious need - is light. When daylight is insufficient Viva-Lite® full spectrum tubes come into play. Thanks to special materials used and a highly sophisticated manufacturing process they create bright, balanced full spectrum light.

  • Simulate natural sunlight (CRI 96-98)
  • 5500K (Kelvin)
  • Offer optimum visual comfort
  • For a healthier environment
  • Not only beneficial for people but also for plants and animals
  • Lifetime of 13,000h, up to 20,000h with an electronic warm-start ballast
  • Dimmable with a dimmable electronic warm-start ballast

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Viva-Lite® Full spectrum lamps have not only the full spectrum of visible light, but also some components of the UVA and UVB ranges of the spectrum. The lamps are distinguished through their excellent colour rendering and can be placed anywhere where there is a high demand on light and colour.

Used in particular by workshops, offices and retail stores but also by artists, museums, schools, zoos and horticulturists.

People working and living under these lights appreciate the soothing effects these lights have on their eyes. Less eye strains, concentration difficulties and a feelings of "heavy head" are reported.

These lamps are characterized by a good energy efficiency. The colour rendering is 1A throughout all options and according to EN
124645, the colour temperature is approximately 5.500 K.
If an electronic warm-start ballast is used, fluorescent lamps T8 have an average life time of 20.000 hours while the average life time is
13.000 hours with the conventional ballast (3B50).

The T8 Viva-Lite full spectrum tubes are 26 mm in diameter.



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